*Mamoru / まもる* - Volume 1

I have been interested in creating a barrel (face and neck protector) for the longest time. Since I've been in Japan, I have made promises to myself each winter to make one. Not wanting to miss another winter, I decided to do it this year and not lazy myself out of it again. 

The first important thing are the questions - the development stage. Questions such as its function / purpose are self explanatory in this case. It's winter and I need something warm to protect my neck and face; especially when I go snowboarding. Other questions I thought of were its dimensions, waterproofing (or not) and fabric choices.

Inspiration first hit with this little number:

I'll call it 'dead snow leopard' for name's sake. Belonging to someone nice, my itch to make one came again after trying it on. Lovely ain't I?

The cogs continued rolling during my first snowboarding trip for this season. The shop / restaurant at the ski slope had many face masks for sale. As tempted as I was to buy one and get it over with, I walked away because they were all very thin material wise. Like little pieces of cloth with velcro tape sewn to each side. I also walked away with design ideas of how I wanted it to look. Apart from all that, about nothing can beat the satisfaction of D.I.Y.!

Guess where I went....

With these thoughts in mind and 'dead snow leopard' as my muse, it's time to get to work..

Jya ne!
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