Sunday Glory / I Think Someone got Back on their Horse

Pictured below is a pants muslin hot off the sewing machine. I feel especially accomplished about this one. This marks (hopefully) the end of my month long slump. The best remedy was to cut through the self-doubt and self-defeat one pattern piece at a time. Pardon the shitty quality. I spilled orange juice on my camera about two months ago. Lets just say they didn't mix very well.

The pants were a no brainer to make as I have done them before. Finished them in no time. 

Matte ne ^_^


The Wall / Yondemasu - Part I

It has been a while since a new post has surfaced. Truth be told I've been going through what can only be compared to an author going through writers block. I have neither felt inspired nor motivated to construct anything new. With the creative spirit is still floating, I decided to turn it towards something else; fashion illustration.

A very important branch under the fashion design field; illustration is an important tool for getting your ideas / looks in a visual and tangible form. Out of the three disciplines I studied during my two year stint at school, illustration was the bane of my existence (my professor can vouch for that!). What sense did it make? All I really wanted to do was cut shit up and sew it together. My dislike was further fueled with the convenience of male and female croquis I found on the internet to easily jot my ideas on paper.

With all that out of the way, I present *Yondemasu - Part I* - an on-going feature on fashion books I own. Books featured (which I own personally) have been great at shedding light on different aspects of fashion design.


The first featured book is Fashion Sketchbook by Bina Abling. I seriously recommend this book to anyone interested in fashion illustration. Chapters are neatly divided into drawing the body, face, garments, posing etc. Each chapter goes into great detail with helpful instructions and visuals. Whether using it as a reference or even starting from scratch, believe me when I say THIS IS the book to have.


The second book I would like to shed light on is How To Draw Anime & Game Characters vol. 1 by Tadashi Ozawa. If you are at all interested in drawing anime, this is a good book to have. While not as detailed and in depth, I've been using it as a point of reference for anime style; the direction I eventually want to stir towards.

I will post drawings as I go along. Should be fun looking at back my progression.

Matte ne 



Below are pictures of *Elvira*. Named by my girlfriend, *Elvira* is a dress I made for my her earlier this year. The pattern used is "Kyla", purchased from Burdastyle.com. I must say gomene to my friends on facebook cause I've had these pixies in my photo album for most of this year.

Enjoy anyway :).

The photo shoot took place in Oshiba Farms; a park / onsen / recreational venue in Minami-Minowa.

Matte ne ^_^



The key to a great design is the tried and true storyboard. Defined by Wikipedia, storyboards are "graphic organizers such as a series of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing a motion picture, animation, motion graphic or interactive media sequence, including website interactivity."

Below are storyboards that I worked on earlier this year.

In the case of fashion design; a storyboard is blank canvas used to throw all your thoughts and ideas when putting together your collection. You can make it all yours: as scrap book looking or professional as you like!

(Source Wikipedia :: Storyboard)

Zippers Gallore

I've been rather slow getting around to viewing all that is Spring 2010. I just finished viewing Givenchy's collection and had to log another post.

This collection continues what has been on the gothic side of things. The zipper motives this time around is what roped me in.

Matte ne ^_^


Renewable Clothing by Fernando Brizio

“By placing colored felt-tip pens in the pockets of the dress its appearance changes over time. Within an hour – to one and a half hours the colored ink bleeds into the fabric and creates a one-off design for each occasion. The owner can then clean the dress and color it in a different way for each time they wear it.”

~ Fernando Brizio

A really simple and novel idea! The possibilities are only limited to the amount markers you have. 

Matte ne ^_^


Everyone lives in my Closet

Found a cool tutorial on creating custom hangers for your closet!

Kate Moss, nah. Alexander McQueen and Bjork - definitely. Click the pic to check it out!

(Via Outsapop)


Buzzing... a showcase of what's currently playing on my ipod / computer.....(penguins in my head). This current buzzing comes from the band *Thrice* with the "The Sky is Falling".


Chu-gakko no Matsuri

The JHS I teach at held a open day festival this past Friday and Saturday. Teachers and students had things on display for parents and other attendees to check out. I was asked to bring anything I've sewn. The school provided mannequins and a small cubby for me to set up:

Front and centre was my name surrounded by sketches I've been working on throughout the year:

I was a bad teacher and snuck out of the drama club's play to snap these:

This cape was made earlier this year but I never got around to snapping it until now.

Elvira made an appearance as well. Will do a full post on that soon.

The crowd started showing up so I took a snap:

Matte ne!



Buzzing... a showcase of what's currently playing non-stop on my ipod / computer.... nandemo. This current buzzing comes from the band *Crystal Castles* with their single Baptism. 


How to Shorten a Zipper

Found this tutorial online and wanted to share....

Click the pic above to go there!
(via About.com :: Sewing)


Piece by Piece

Found this on one of my feeds and I immediately had to reblog it:

Paper clip jewelry from Giles - Summer 2011.




I recently modded a t-shirt that I bought while on vacation in Thailand (pictured below). From boring to v-neckline = goodness.

My girlfriend, Sarah wanted a similar treatment to one of her tees after seeing mine.

Mark your desired neckline with tailors chalk. Double check to make sure everything's ok then get cutting!

What you should have is a new neckline minus the ribbing. The rib is what keeps the neckline together and prevents the shirt from slipping off your shoulders. To correct that, just use bias tape.

Start from the centre front then make your way around, pinning as you go. Keep it as straight as possible to prevent any gathering. When you reach the centre front again leave just enough so that it overlaps where you started pinning. Cut it at an angle so that it is in line with the centre front.

When all is said and done, you'll end up with your new neckline! Try experimenting with different lines. You`ll be fine as long as you have bias tape to hold it all together.

(Thanks to Biscuit)
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