Piece by Piece

Found this on one of my feeds and I immediately had to reblog it:

Paper clip jewelry from Giles - Summer 2011.




I recently modded a t-shirt that I bought while on vacation in Thailand (pictured below). From boring to v-neckline = goodness.

My girlfriend, Sarah wanted a similar treatment to one of her tees after seeing mine.

Mark your desired neckline with tailors chalk. Double check to make sure everything's ok then get cutting!

What you should have is a new neckline minus the ribbing. The rib is what keeps the neckline together and prevents the shirt from slipping off your shoulders. To correct that, just use bias tape.

Start from the centre front then make your way around, pinning as you go. Keep it as straight as possible to prevent any gathering. When you reach the centre front again leave just enough so that it overlaps where you started pinning. Cut it at an angle so that it is in line with the centre front.

When all is said and done, you'll end up with your new neckline! Try experimenting with different lines. You`ll be fine as long as you have bias tape to hold it all together.

(Thanks to Biscuit)


Alexander Mcqueen - Hommes - Fall 2010

Let me say right off the bat that Alexander McQueen is my all time favourite designer. There is nothing he can do wrong in my eyes. His Fall Hommes 2010 collection is further proof of that. (via Pink Plaid the Butterfly)


Inspiration Gathersome - Weave

I saw the above picture a few seasons ago and instantly fell in love with it. Inspiration sometimes lay dormant only to later bite you in the ass. My eyes crossed with the bottom picture earlier last week and the brain suddenly went crazy. Oh what great way to transform a basic t-shirt shape into something one of a kind.



Welcome to *Tales from the Faery Room*. This blog serves as a chronicle for my crafting adventures and inspiration. For too long I've left records scattered between myspace, facebook, my camera etc. The term “faery room” was used by my friend to describe my sewing space during my two years of fashion classes. What can I say… it just stuck. Since graduating, I have moved from Jamaica to Japan where I have been for the past year working as an English teacher.

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