Kaban - Volume 3

Choosing fabric can at times be a tricky mistress. From my experiences the process can be divided into either visualizing the exact look during the development stage or having something jump at you while at a fabric store. In this case, my decisions came from a random visit to the recycle store and a donation of clothes.
I knew I wanted something more subtle than the flowery tote my friend left me. My online research left me with rather plain, uni-coloured, bland....leather.. bleghh. One random stop at the recycle store accidently netted what I was looking for. Hanging on the winter wear racks was a pinstriped trenchcoat. While a size (or five) too small for me, I knew it would be a great choice for the bag as it was thick and you can never go wrong with grey pinstripe. The interior on the other hand came from a white polar I caught roaming near my apartment my friends John and Josie. They migrated recently but before they did, Sarah and I visited them to say goodbye and to snag their giveaways. Apart from old rotary phones, surge guards, we scored a HUGE bag of clothes. Among the goodies was a blue fleece coat lined in white faux-fur. Decision instantly made: Tough and industrial on the outside, soft and precious on the inside. 

Without further ado heressssss *Momoko*



Bag handles are always ideal for when the load gets heavy. I however couldn't get away from the messenger bag form so I added tags and hooks on the side. The strap from my laptop bag now has a new home....

Mata ne ^_^

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