Kaban - Volume 1

It has been quite a while since I've touched here. While I never stopped sewing, I lost some serious fire for a what felt like forever. Must have been the winter blues. Spring has come and summer is around the corner. Life blooms yet again.

I've had an unhealthy obsession with bags lately. It all started with this one.

 Wanting to make a cool bag for myself, I poured a lot of anticipation into it only to feel dissatisfied not long after it was finished. It definitely started something though. Still wanting to make bags, my friends became my inspiration. First pictured is a going away present for the daughter of my friend who was going to migrate. I gave her the choice of fabric and she purchased this lovely apple number. The inside was lined with jeans donated from my girlfriend and my friend Sheila.


This second piece was made for my friend Shiori before she left for vacation. Again the choice of fabric was out of my hands.I found the pressure of time and perfection to be a huge motivator. After all, if you're making something for yourself, mistakes and fuck-ups can easily be pardoned.

Mata ne!

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